Why Arina Medical Services ?

We launched our new line of business based on our excellent reputation and knowledge in hospitality and concierge services. We have established a network of the most prestigious healthcare institutions and medical staff in Turkey. Turkey is an excellent destination for people seeking healthcare, however a reliable partner to achieve medical excellency as well as seamless and efficient travel organization is required. Arina Medical Services is our answer to this pressing need. We are here to provide excellent medical know-how combined with first class personal concierge and travel services. At Arina Medical Services, we have our own resident doctor with an extended network of medical staff. We also take pride in our dedicated team of experienced agents and staff who will plan and execute every detail of your trip. Our resident doctor inspects the institutions on regular basis and supervises the suggested treatment options. Our buying power and negotiation skills provide highly competitive quotations for our guests with our core values of trust, honesty, creativity and empathy. The experienced team of Arina Medical Services coordinate all aspects of a patient’s visit, scheduling appointments, arranging accommodation and an interpreter, with hospital admissions and auditing hospital invoices.

Why Health in Turkey ?

Your health and holiday destination… Turkey has been a medical tourism destination for clients from every continent around the world who are seeking the best medical care available. As a result of government health system reforms and an influx of private investments to healthcare, Turkey has become very competitive due to the high quality of doctors, advanced technology and reasonable prices in comparison to America and European countries. Cost is one of many attractive reasons for hopping on a plane and taking advantage of qualified medical care while using the savings to potentially enjoy sightseeing or a vacation. Even after adding travel costs, patients usually return home with extra money in their pockets. Istanbul, the only city located on two continents, boasts brand new state of the art private hospitals. With more than forty Joint Commission International accredited hospitals, Turkey’s private medical infrastructure is now a solid option in the global medical tourism arena. Turkish Ministry of Health states that some 500,000 visitors received their treatment in Turkish hospitals in 2013. Turkey has been a home to various civilizations throughout history. Today’s Turkey is as varied as its culture. As a tourist destination, Istanbul features an active day & night scene alongside historical sites. Turkey’s international cuisine and shopping offerings are in a wide variety. Come and experience Turkey and what it has to offer while healing your body and soul on the landscape of Rumi.